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The birth of SOUST

Belem of Para, Brazil - Feb 28th 1982. In this memorable day, INRI CRISTO performed the Libertarian Act inside Belem's cathedral and SOUST came into being, the Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity, new mystical order whose mission is to rescue the essence of primitive Christianity, leading the human beings to the freedom of consciousness.

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arvore-simbolo-1How and why has the ALMIGHTY chosen the symbol-tree of SOUST

In 1983, when INRI CRISTO was in Beauveais, département de l’Oise, France, the ALMIGHTY ordered him to register in paper what would become the 1st Statutory Reform of SOUST. On this occasion, Geneviève and Allain Faivre sheltered the Son of Man in their home, which was annexed to École Maternelle Paul Eluard, coincidentally placed in front of the synagogue. Both slept in the guest-room and offered their room for INRI CRISTO to lodge. In this enclosure, right in front of the bed, there was a tree INRI had never seen and whose name he ignored; it was planted in a vase and its leafy ramifications achieved the roof. When INRI received the statutory reform from the LORD and began to scratch it (he scratched in a peculiar way as he is not a scholar), he told us having noticed – nobody is obliged to believe – that the paper where he wrote became hot, as afterwards testified his hosts. The only living being to witness when INRI scratched this statutory reform was the Ficcus tree inside the room. Later INRI CRISTO returned to Brazil and accomplished the LORD’s orders, making official the statutory reform, where it is registered that Brasilia is the New Jerusalem.

As it had been the only living being to witness that unique moment, INRI asked his French children to bring a seedling of this tree when they came to Brazil to visit the LORD’s house, in the previous headquarters of SOUST in Curitiba. INRI CRISTO ordered that tree be placed in a room where he could see it every day. Some time later, walking along Flowers Street, in Curitiba, INRI CRISTO passed in front of a floriculture and found a tree similar to that one. He asked its name and origin. They told him that it was the Ficcus tree, originating from regions of tropical climate, like Brazil. Ironically, INRI CRISTO ordered to come from France a tree that exists here; however, as he tells us, he thought: “The LORD has His reasons”.

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So said INRI CRISTO and his words are worth forever:

"... For many are called, but few are chosen..." (Matthew c.20 v.16)

"... Whoever does not gather with me, scatters..." (Matthew c.12 v.30)

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